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TNT Transport Services has been a leading force in the Nationwide Auto Transportation Industry for almost 80 years.


Paul Mavis started his own transportation business in 1935 and quickly discovered that there was a growing need for auto transportation within the industry. By 1968 auto transportation for the government was a large portion of Paul’s business.  Auto transportation for employee relocations and for private individuals also began to increase.  Referrals were coming in daily due to the extraordinary service provided by Paul’s employees and his high level of commitment to this sector of the industry.  Before long the auto transport division became so large that Paul decided to create a separate company to handle just this specialized area of his business. 

In 1979 Paul’s son, Geoffrey Mavis, became interested in the auto transportation industry and became heavily involved in the business.  Over the next 2 decades employee relocations became over 60% of TNT’s annual auto transportation business. 

In 1998, Paul could no longer be actively involved in the business and turned the company over to Geoffrey.  Geoffrey continued to support his father’s vision of forever improving and changing to meet all the transportation needs of his customers. 

As the housing industry began to affect the ability of individuals to move, TNT felt the pain of a slower market.  Private sector individuals were calling for quotes but never shipped their vehicles because they were unable to sell their homes.  As the economy weakened many Corporations cut back on employee relocation packages, so auto transportation in this area diminished.  This forced TNT to reevaluate its objectives and our customer’s needs.  TNT began working with corporate and government fleet managers.  This began a huge shift back to our original roots in government transportation.

In 2010 Paul’s grandson, Damien Mavis, took over the family business and was dedicated to continue the legacy of keeping TNT the leading force in the Nationwide Auto Transport industry.    Damien was met with many challenges because of so many drastic changes in the transportation industry over the past 80 years.  We weathered many storms due to changes in government regulations, increased competition from deceptive brokers, and market volatility.  The past decade has been a rollercoaster ride throughout the transportation industry.  Unfortunately, our ride must now stop.

It is with great sadness and difficulty that TNT must announce its permanent closure. TNT discontinued providing all transportation services in December 2014.

We thank all our valued service providers and customers for many years of love and support.
We will miss working with you all.



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