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Get 10% off your next auto transport!

Posted on by Robin in Transport Services

Do you want to receive a 10% discount off your next auto transport? Like us on facebook and call us today: 800-872-8681. By liking us on facebook you’ll receive 10% off the line haul cost of your next vehicle shipment. This discount does not apply on enclosed, fleet or specialized shipments. This offer is not valid with any other offers.



TNT to exhibit at FedFleet 2012

Posted on by Robin in Trade Shows

Fed Fleet 2012 Louisville

TNT Transport Services will be exhibiting once more this year at FedFleet 2012, June 25 – 28 in Louisville, KY at the Galt House Hotel and Kentucky International Convention Center.  Representing TNT this year will be Cory Woodward, Business Development and Gloria McCormick, Fleet and Oversized Transport Specialist. 


Stop by booth 601 to visit with Cory and Gloria and to see how TNT can provide transport solutions for your fleets.  We look forward to seeing our past, present and hopefully future customers in Louisville.

One of our loyal customers is BrandFX.  We will be shipping this truck for them to the FedFleet show this year.  BrandFX Body Company is the largest producer of advanced composite utility bodies in the world.  BrandFX builds green fleets and TNT is proud to provide transportation solutions for this amazing company.

Dependable Nationwide Auto Transport in Today’s World

Posted on by heather in Transport Services

In today’s world, there comes a point in nearly everyone’s life where they need a little assistance with transportation. Transportation has become engrained in our daily lives, with so many different aspects of our society depending upon transportation in one sense or another. While cars, trucks, and motorcycles can get you places quickly and easily, there are times where you need the actual vehicle itself transported, and for those in their time of need, there’s the wonderful world of vehicle transport.

The last decade or so has seen the rise of many competitors in the nationwide auto transport industry, and frankly, we’ve welcomed the competition. Younger companies and services have to look to the long run, doing what they can to stay open and running for years to come, while at the same time providing a level of service that can’t be found elsewhere. Needless to say, many, many of these companies and services don’t live up to expectations, and their clients go off looking for other options that will provide the level of service they’re looking for. That’s when they come to us.

There are a few options when it comes to vehicle transport, but consumers need to know how to spot the dependable auto shippers that are going to give the highest level of service possible for a price that is easily affordable. One of the best ways to go about deciding which option is the right choice for you is to do a bit of research online. With numerous review sites talking about the various businesses and professional services, it’s easy to find out what others are saying about any given company.  Do a few Google searches and you’ll soon find more people point to and talking about us than anyone else.

Longevity plays a huge role when it comes to an automotive transportation company providing excellent service to their clients. The longer you stay in business, the more time you have available to refine and fine tune your services, increasing the level higher and higher as the years go on. When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you learn a few things about how to exceed expectations for each and every one of your clients.

Dependable auto shipping is something that can be tricky to find these days, that is, if you don’t know who to go with from the get go. We’re not saying you have to go with us, we would never tell people what to do or who to do business with, but we do want to do is prevent people from having horrible and regrettable experiences with their business choice. After all, our cars and trucks are extremely important to us, and the last thing we want is to see anything happen to them. Nationwide auto transport

If you’re ready to choose one of the best automotive transport services you can get today, give us a call or contact us today to see just what we can do for you. We’re basically positive that you’ll be blown away by what you receive.

TNT Auto Transport has a new Youtube

Posted on by jake in News and Press

We have finally created our very own youtube channel! Please check it out: http://www.youtube.com/user/TntTransport?feature=mhee

Reliable Auto Transport

Posted on by heather in Transport Services

There are times when we find ourselves in need of auto transport. For some of us, we find ourselves in need of it when we find the classic car we’ve been looking for and need it transported to our home. Businesses with company cars, or even a fleet of them, find themselves in need of reliable auto transport when they relocate. Whether it be a personal move, a business relocation, or transporting a newly purchased car to your home, getting a reliable and trustworthy auto transport company is incredibly important.

When we find ourselves in need of reliable automotive transport, how do we go about ensuring that we’re choosing the best company – the one with the best reputation and the best track record? How do we know which company is the best for our automotive transportation needs? For this, we need to look at what constitutes a reputable and reliable service.

One of the first things we should look at when deciding on which automotive company to choose is the length of time they’ve been around. When it comes to car transportation services, longevity is everything, and those that have been in the business the longest are most likely going to be the ones who have their acts together. Take us, for instance. We’ve been around for decades because of our dedication to our customers and their needs. Companies who are harmonious with their practices and customer service are the ones who will survive the test of time and grow as the years turn into decades.

Another great factor to look at when deciding which automotive transportation service to chose are the reviews other customers have posted online. Customer reviews say everything about a company or service, and often act as a deciding factor for future customers. A few bad reviews out of hundreds of positive ones can be passed off as the occasional bad apple out of the bunch, but an even mixture of good and bad are often times a sign of a less-than-preferable service. In a world where anything and everything is online, this is one of the best ways to go about choosing your car transportation services.

Lastly, at least for this list here on this particular blog post, there are the rates themselves. There’s an old saying, you get what you pay for. There’s another one that goes something along the lines of ‘good things aren’t cheap, and cheap things aren’t good’. The two saying seems to go hand in hand, but aren’t always necessarily the end-all of shopping for quality goods and services. Often times, such as in the automotive transportation industry, the most expensive service isn’t necessarily the cheapest, as you can often times find a higher quality service, once all things are considered, for a cheaper price.

 There are many different ways to go about deciding which automotive transportation company is the best for you and your particular needs. The best way to go about finding the best one for you is to do a bit of research and get to know a bit about your available choices. Thanks to the advent of the internet and it’s intermingling in our everyday lives, the information we need to make well informed decisions are readily available to us. Just keep these few things in mind and you’ll have the peace of mind that we all want when dealing with transporting our vehicles. nationwide auto transport

TNT to exhibit at the GSA Fed Fleet Conference and EXPO

Posted on by Robin in Trade Shows

GSA Fed Fleet 2012As a GSA Schedule Contract Holder, TNT has the opportunity to attend and exhibit at the annual GSA Fed Fleet Conference and EXPO.  This year TNT will be represented by Cory Woodward and Gloria McCormick, exhibiting at booth #3327.

GSA is the federal government’s preferred source for quality commercial products and services and the 2012 GSA Training and Expo is GSA’s premiere agency outreach event. 

GSA will be hosting the GSA Training and Expo, May 15-17, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas.
TNT Transport Services has great pride in our ability to provide government transport services , and we are one of the very few auto transport services providers that is approved to do so.

TNT Auto Transport to exhibit at ERC’s National Relocation Conference

Posted on by Robin in Trade Shows


Worldwide ERC NRCRobin Koszalinski and Cory Woodward will be representing TNT next week at the Worldwide ERC’s National Relocation Conference in San Antonio, TX. TNT has been a leader in the auto transport industry for decades.  TNT is affiliated with Worldwide ERC, AMSA and CMSA.  As a GSA Schedule Contract holder, TNT is uniquely positioned to arrange for the transport of private individuals, small and large companies, and governmental agencies.  Stop by booth 713 at the conference to meet with Robin and Cory and learn more about how TNT can provide a reliable solution to all of of your vehicle transport needs.  If you will not be attending the conference this year, please contact us today.

Cross Country Auto Transport

Posted on by heather in Transport Services

There comes a point in many of our lives when we need to move a vehicle, or a fleet of them for that matter, from one state to another. Relocations, both personal and professional, can result in a need for cross country auto transport, and the best way to get through the whole process as easily as possible is with the help of a dependable automotive transportation company.

A few years ago it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to find a reliable company that can move vehicles from one state to another. You either had to know someone who had used their services in the past, or have someone recommend a company. What was even more difficult was knowing whether or not they were a dependable auto transport company, one that will take every precaution when it comes to safeguarding your vehicle. Today, we live in a different world thanks to this wonderful thing known as the internet. It has allowed us to connect to each other in ways never before thought possible, and has allowed for the free flow of information to transform and elevate or lives and general standard of living.

The last thing you want to do is put your precious vehicle in the hands of someone who is less qualified than their competitors. For this, we want to ensure that we get the best bang for our buck service wise and go with a dependable and reliable automotive transport company. In the past, you had to go off what your friends and family knew when choosing the transport company for you; today all you have to do is a quick Google search and you’ll have yourself a list of pages full of comments and reviews to help you make the right decision.  

Cross country auto transport isn’t something that should be taken lightly. With so much distance to cover, it’s good to know that your vehicle is in good hands. The last thing you want to do is have to worry about whether or not your classic car will make it in one piece from Main to Oregon.  Why go with a third rate cross country transport service when you can have the real deal?

We here at TNT offer a range of transportation options, allowing us to take on every transportation project, from one time personal transports to moving fleets of vehicles from one state to another, from coast to coast. We have the experience, training, and tools to allow us to go far above and beyond expectations, and we’re proud to be one of the best automotive transport companies around. Why don’t you give us a call and find out how we can help you and your nationwide auto transport service needs?

Signs of Top Notch Automotive Transport Companies

Posted on by heather in Transport Services

A decade ago it would have been a tad difficult to find an affordable and reliable automotive transport company, and your best bet rested with whether or not you knew somebody or the companies advertising in your local yellow pages were the best choices available. Today, with the mainstreaming of the internet, it’s easy to see what your options really are as a consumer.

Obviously, you want to get the best bang for your buck, especially in these harsh economic times. But, at the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice quality of service for savings. Today we’re going to go over how to spot reliable, yet affordable, direct auto transport services online. The internet has connected us more than ever before, making our options and choices for consumer services more vast than ever before, making it important to be able to tell the difference between those you should avoid and those you should actually consider.



Basically everyone has a website now, so your search will more than likely start on one of the major search engines like Google or Yahoo. When searching for automotive transport companies or direct nationwide auto transport, the top search results will be the companies who put the time and effort into their online presence. That’s the first sign – the importance they put on marketing and web site.

The top search results will be the best place to look. However, you can’t just pick any of them and call it good – you have to take a look at their website and what it is they have to say. In today’s digital age, a website acts as the face of a business and a place where customers, both current and potential, can find you and learn what it is they have to offer. What their websites have to say is rather important, and companies that provide the most information, such as their auto transport prices, are most likely going to be the best bets.

Last, but not least, is the longevity of the company itself. The longer the automotive transport company has been in around, the more likely you are to receive top quality service. The average cut off time for new businesses and companies is two years, so as a good rule of thumb; you should avoid companies that are new. If you find one that’s been around for a decade or longer, like we have, than you’ve found a company that has withstood the test of time and survived by the satisfaction of their customers.

TNT will be exhibiting at the NAFA Expo in April

Posted on by Robin in Trade Shows

NAFA 2012 ExpoTNT’s Fleet and Oversized Division continues to grow.  As a result of our growing success in providing Fleet Solutions, TNT will be exhibiting at this year’s NAFA Expo in St. Louis, MO on April 21 – 24.  Cory Woodward and Art Prud’homme will be representing TNT will at booth 326.  If you are a Fleet Manager and looking for an alternate transport solution to fit your need and your budget, call TNT today! 1-800-872-8681

TNT Transport Services has been relocating employee vehicles for decades for Fortune 500 companies and the government,  Many of these companies now rely on TNT to manage the transport of their company fleets as well.

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