ted“TNT Auto Transport is a lifesaver! I needed to have my car shipped from my parents in Des Moines to my home in Boston and they had it booked fast and with a really low price. I was pleasantly surprised that the car was picked up within a week and delivered less than a week later right to my door. Thanks for the outstanding transport services!”~ Ted Sievers-Boston, MA




Kathy“TNT Auto Tr4ansport made everything so simple when we had my son’s car moved from home to college. The customer service agent was really helpful with the suggestions he gave us on the best kind of carrier for the car and he even knew a little about the college campus and was able to help my son with directions to and from school and his new apartment. \Due to the friendliness and the level of expertise, we felt like we were working with extended family! We appreciate the excellent services and will surely recommend this company to everyone that needs to have a car moved!”~Kathy Shubert-Austin, TX


Anderson“I truly appreciate the quick response time that TNT Auto Transport has each and every time I need to ship my car. As a salesman, I am required to move to various states every few months and thanks to the quick transport options that are offered, I can have my car moved fast and I don’t need to worry about anything at all. This company is great and I will never even consider hiring anyone else to transport my car.”~ Anderson Sheffler-Sarsota, FL

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